Switzerland- Bergschuhe

Switzerland- bergschuhe


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I have begun my travels in Switzerland. For the past half year I have been living in a resort town at the foot of ski slopes and hiking trails. When I moved here I went and spoke to the town shoemaker Romeo. A veteran of the Second World War and a cobbler since, he furnished me with a host of mid-century shoemaking accessories. Most notably, boxes of hobnails, clinkers and muggers. These are all used in the manufacture of traditional hiking and climbing boots, before rubber soles became commonplace. The metal studs provide grip and also gives the boot a much longer life span, as the leather sole does not directly contact the ground. 

The boots are made from vegetable tanned calf leather and suede with thick leather soles, rubber heels, hobnails, clinkers and muggers. I have updated a traditional derby boot pattern on a modern boot last. The toe is roomy and rounded to help keep feet comfortable during long days on the mountain. Using synthetic hiking laces in muted colours the design takes the traditional ‘Bergshuche’ aesthetic but brings it up to date. 

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